Aging Matter 2019

graduation project
concept, design, development, photography: Ricard Serarols
tutored by: Saúl Baeza, Óscar Tomico

thanks to: Adidas MakerLab, Gerard López, Eulàlia Duran,
Anastasia Pistofidou, Xarxa d’Ateneus de Fabricació

‘Aging Matter’ is a collaborative platform for designers and makers that allows designing / manufacturing hand in hand with biology within the fashion industry. It presents a new paradigm of manufacturing where clothing is not made but grows from a first skin. The platform intends to provide the tools so that the designer / maker can create with a biological material in a free and independent way.

This project wants to promote sustainable design posing a speculative scenario in which clothes take on their own lives, acting as a second skin. In response to the current approach of transhumanist studies, ‘Aging Matter’ aims to sensitize a population that is unaware of the scientific and technological advances that are occurring: stimulating a human being that will not age and point towards immortality. This is a project that emerges from a theoretical research on transhumanism with a special interest in biodesign, which will guide the project towards a material exploration with mycelium as a tool to convey a series of concepts.

︎ Research in Transhumanism (pdf)

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