Accroche-senteurs* 2017

tutored by: Jean-François Dingjian, Laurent Greslin
concept, design, development: Ricard Serarols, Maéva Nagbo

Perfume is an intangible thing and objects that diffuse it do not necessarily evoke its presence and dissipation. These perfume diffusers want to suggest the ubiquity of perfume and are objects designed for contemplation, around the narrative. Therefore, a reflection around the diffuser object by capillarity was conducted. Looking for delicacy, lightness wishing to highlight the liquid, the drop and the flow of these.

The flow of perfume can create a new relationship to the objects, since it is necessary to regularly deposit perfume, hence to have a more frequent interaction. It also produces a visual effect on the surface it impregnates and thus speaks of diffusion over time.

Material experimentation was carried out driven by the trail of a visual effect from the flow of perfume. Ceramics, oxidation on copper, and wood. These objects want to encourage the attention on the gesture, for a moment of mindfulness, using a pipette instead of a lid for a container. On the other hand, the small perfume diffuser is designed to be used with spray perfume, reacting to it by deforming its surface.

*Developed during exchange at ENSCI-Les Ateliers.

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