Aging Matter 2019

Incubation Closet

The incubation closet is designed from the base structure of the IKEA shelf ‘Hyllis’. This product is intended for a maker community, and for this reason, it has been decided to take a very cheap existing shelf as a starting point available to a large audience to “hack” and give it another use.

This piece of furniture, acting as an incubator, needs moisture and darkness to let mycelium grow. The elements that make this furniture work as an incubator are a box that has to be filled with water and two electronic devices: a water heater (to keep the temperature at 25ºC) and a water pump (to move water and air around and thus help prevent external contamination of the samples).

The incubation closet is meant to be easily built by the user. For this reason, a manual has been designed to provide the minimum but necessary instructions to build the closet.

︎ Assembly Manual (pdf)

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