Aging Matter 2019

Mycelium Growth

«Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi, which consists of a network of interconnected filamentous cells called hyphae. The mushroom-forming mycelium is highly attractive and embodies great potential, because of its tendency of growing on a wide variety of substrates, therefore resulting in a range of diverse materials and applications, related to architecture, design, or fashion fields. Moreover, this organic network of filamentous cells is characterized by peculiar properties, such as strength, elasticity, thickness, homogeneity and water repellency.»

There’s been a material experimentation on the growth of mycelium in different substrates, 3D printed parts and bioplastic threads. Some small-scale samples have been generated and transformed into textiles thanks to Agar. Other growth tests on 3D printings proved how the mycelium grows taking over the surface of bioplastic printings. Finally, growth tests on bioplastic threads showed how the mycelium can grow by the surface creating a second film on the threads and deforming the plain fabric.

These bioplastic fabrics/structures are produced with the help of a press heater, allowing to change and manipulate the threads to create different designs within the fabric itself.

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