Subversive Prosthetics 2018

concept, design, development,
photography: Ricard Serarols

Progress according to contemporary transhumanism is based on human enhancement with the increase in physical capacities or the search for new senses that humans cannot experience so far. Technological improvements that are coupled to the body as a cyborg, make us forget who we are and where do we come from. Does it mean we are becoming machines? We do not identify ourselves as living things that coexist in one planet together with others, we live an anthropocentrism that makes us base the course of life only thinking about us. This approach makes us forget that the human species remains animal and part of a planet.

Speculating about massive application of inorganic and artificial technology in our bodies, a subversive trend is envisioned, one that claims our identity as a species and as part of the planet. A time where the human species retakes its relationship with nature. People requiring prosthesis or missing some part of the body, start claiming they don’t want to be part of a “cyborg collective”, they reject co-living with technology in their bodies. From this point, prosthetics are rethought to the level of being temporary, 100% natural and a means of protest.

(The shown arms were made with bread and wax)

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