The Age of Aquarius 2018

graphic design: Alba Eiriz, Carla Vives

product, development: Ricard Serarols, Daniel Rifaterra

«For the last centuries we’ve experienced some drastic sea level rises on different countries and cities. The Earth is not anymore understood as it was many centuries ago. Its citizens were forced to leave everything they had and migrate in order to survive the big flood.

Back in the egyptian ages, their ancient religion believed that humanity’s history followed the cycles of different Zodiac symbols. According to them, each cycle was understood as an era ruled under the constellation over the sun rising position, having a length of 2.150 years each one. Based upon their beliefs, we are now living on the Aquarius era. Egyptians conceived that this era would bring a big increase in the sea level, a global flood. These discoveries led to the birth of a new doctrine conducted by astrology, unifying religions and merging them with science: a neoreligion for survival.»

This project aims to recreate a dystopic future as to religion, focusing the faith on knowledge. Working together with a multidisciplinary team this imaginary scene was raised, enabling the design of a headrest.

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