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¡Poti-Poti! Magazine #NÚM2 2021

Graphic Design, Identity
& Art Direction for ¡Poti-Poti!

¡Poti-Poti! Magazine #NÚM1 2020

Graphic Design, Identity
& Art Direction for ¡Poti-Poti!

Valentine’s Day 2020

Assisting Creative Direction
& Set Design for Massimo Dutti

Aging Matter 2019

A platform to design/
manufacture with biology
within the fashion industry

Sleeping 2018

A research on beds &
sleeping throughout time

Ephemeral 2018

Album cover for
the artist Bofirax

Bitossi 2018

Decorative ceramic
pieces for Bitossi

The Age of Aquarius 2018

A headrest to look up
to the stars for guidance

Subversive Prosthetics 2018

Temporary prosthetics
as a means of protest

2403 Tableware 2017

A tableware designed
track your gestures

Accroche-senteurs 2017

Two perfume diffusers picturing
the drop and the flow of it