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Designer from Barcelona.
My work embraces different fields of design, mainly from product design to editorial
design or visual arts.

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Designer from Barcelona. My work embraces different fields of design, mainly from product design and research to editorial design or visual arts.

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︎Ex01: Recicle – 2022

Exercise on restoring and redesigning an existing stool found on the street. Wooden recycled structure with new red-lacquered squares and a new surface made out of recycled plexiglass.

︎The Table Knife Project – 2022

Florentine Kitchen Knives brought together 22 local design studios to each create 2 table knives, with their own unique and personal take on an existing FKK table knife. The project started in order to raise money for El Llindar, a foundation supporting young people that have found themselves outside the mainstream education system.
Designed and developed with Marc Morro

︎︎Aging Matter – 2019

‘Aging Matter’ is a collaborative platform for designers and makers that allows designing / manufacturing hand in hand with biology within the fashion industry. It presents a new paradigm of manufacturing where clothing is not made but grows from a first skin. This platform intends to provide the tools so that the designer / maker can create with a biological material in a free and independent way.
It is a project that emerges from a theoretical research on transhumanism with a special interest in biodesign, which will guide the project towards a material exploration with mycelium as a tool to convey a series of concepts.

︎Clay (Bitossi) – 2018

Clay explores the raw, expressive qualities of ceramic. The vases are turned on a wheel and later ripped – off of the top. The brutal action exposes the earthly quality of clay. More than designing the pieces, there’s a search for intuitive production processes to allow the material to be free to perform.
Developed during internship at Formafantasma

︎Simon 270 – 2021

Set design assistant with Banzai Turba. Shooting for Simon’s 270 system catalog.
Photography and art direction by Kiwi Bravo

︎︎Aging Matter (book, research) – 2019

BA Thesis research around biology, transhumanism, body and speculative design. The research itself guided the project towards a material exploration with mycelium as a tool to convey a series of concepts.
Concept, graphic design & art direction of the book.

︎ research pdf

︎TAOA – 2018

‘The Age of Aquarius’ (TAOA) aims to recreate a dystopic future as to religion, inspired by ancient egyptian faith and traditions. Working together with a multidisciplinary team, we conceived a speculative scenario where people contemplate the sky for answers, which led us to design a headrest.
In collaboration with Daniel Rifaterra | Alba Eiriz, Carla Vives (graphic design).

︎︎Ephemeral (Bofirax) – 2018

Art direction, graphic design and photography for Bofirax’s first LP album ‘Ephemeral’.

︎︎Sleeping – 2018

Research volume initiated under the commission of designing a bed for Marc Benda. This atlas is made possible through an historical research throughout time in the fact of sleeping: not just looking at the bed itself as an object but at how people in life experienced this time range dedicated to sleep in a daily manner.
Developed during internship at Formafantasma.
Special thanks to Daniele Misso.

︎2403 Tableware – 2017

Porcelain tableware for high cuisine chefs who want to offer a different meal experience. This tableware is designed to force customers eat with their hands and contributes to finding out how people eat. '2403 Tableware' is designed to track the customer's movement and gestures while eating. All of the pieces have a small blue mark that is used for motion detection.
It allows collecting information and data to analyze how people eat with hands but can also be translated into a unique artwork (generated through AI) showing one's movement along the meal.

In collaboration with Gerard López.

︎︎Decades (Bofirax) – 2021

Art direction, graphic design and photography for the cover of Bofirax’s EP album ‘Decades’.
In collaboration with Santiago Colorado

︎︎¡Poti-Poti! Magazine® – 2022
Graphic design, identity & art direction of ¡Poti-Poti! Magazine (shop). Created this magazine in 2020 along with Arnau Orriols and Irene Serra.
A collaborative project with a biannual paper publication, which offers a space for dissemination, debate and reflection.

Issues 2 & 3 in collaboration with Helena Esteban and Xabi Lahidalga for the editorial design.